The Founder

Nicky Whichelow who started her Ph.D. Doctorate into Loneliness and Social Isolation in 2014 became increasingly concerned over the ensuing years of her research, of the lack of voice given to those over the age of 65. 

The research which started out examining the role of communication technology in the process of successful ageing soon exposed the gaps in societal thinking and the damaging care model mentality that seemed to pervade all walks of life. No longer economically active, those over the age of 65 were relegated to bystanders to ever-changing services and policies that affected them without being given a voice.

From there, The Longevity Hub was created to give an opportunity for product and service designers and policymakers to ensure they included the opinions of those over the age of 65 - no excuses.

Additionally, it became apparent that the longevity sector was increasingly fragmented. Useful findings were hidden behind the wall of academia and other sectors did not have a platform to share their project work. From this need, The Longevity Media Hub is being created and will be launched soon.

The Longevity Media Hub hopes to break down some of those barriers and most importantly create new thinking. It involves those in any age and in any sector with a focus on the longevity ecosystem.

Long may this thinking continue.

The Longevity Hub Objectives:


  • To bring participants in the older population to the forefront of decisions that impact them

  • To ensure that organisations have ready access to those they are designing for whether its a product, service or living environment 

  • To provide a platform that is neither academic nor business-focused but instead brings together everyone that has something to contribute

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