Our Research


The Longevity Hub regularly explores issues facing an older population and will conduct self-directed surveys and publish the results in the form of thought leadership articles.


This we do on a volunteer basis to raise the voices and opinions of an older cohort (typically those over 65) so that decision made about that age group are made in data and the opinions of those that matter..

The surveys might have been sparked about a current issue or a long standing debate but what we aim to do is provide structured thinking based on data direct from the older person's market themselves and not other people's opinions.

What we do

Each survey uses a maximum of 20 questions in the form of an online survey. . 

Responses are returned and converted into an excel spreadsheet.


From there we use statistical tools such as SPSS or semantic analysis on free text responses. This ensures statistical robustness to the data and analysis.

Once the data has been analysed, we then turn it into an article or Sentiment Survey Report, using well referenced data in order to provide stable and robust insight.

This gets published on social platforms and shared with thought leaders and decision makers far and wide.


Alll data is annonymous.

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