About The Longevity Hub

The Team is led by Dr Nicky Whichelow who completed her PhD in Loneliness in early 2020 after a five year study into loneliness with communication technology in the over 65s. It was during this study and her first-hand experience of 10 years working and volunteering the aged care sector that she became interested in the disconnected nature of the longevity sector as well as the rampant ageism in product and service design. Organisations and policy makers neglecting to ask the beneficiaries of their plans for their opinions!

What also became apparent during her studies was the over 65s market was also notorioulsy difficult to locate and engage in studies, probably a major reason for the lack of involvement.

From that frustration The Longevity Hub was created with the following objectives :

  • To bring participants in the older population to the forefront of decisions that impact them

  • To provide a platform that is neither academic nor business focused but instead brings together everyone that has something to contribute